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Boatschooling, Part 3: Things I wish I’d known

school We get more questions about homeschooling than almost anything else. To try and offer meatier background on our approach I’ve split out a few blog posts on the subject: first, offered thoughts on finding a boatschool path; second, what we actually DO on Totem; and here, things I wish I’d been able to internalize […]


What makes a good cruising boat?

In our home waters of Puget Sound, traditional boats predominate. The longer we’ve been gone cruising and thought about the qualities that matter to us, the more we wonder why people don’t break out of the mold more often. A family we met on Borneo on a decidedly racy boat, Relapse, inspired the monthly cruising column […]


Where headhunting and satellite service meet

New places, new experiences, old friends: lots to learn about and explore around Kuching. We visited the orangutan rehabilitation center outside of town. It was hard not to compare with our incredible trip to Kumai. While Semenggoh had the same majestic primates… …it was a pretty different environment. It was full of good information, though some […]

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