And then the Lamborghini drove off the dock

Fancy cars come to Miri

When I returned to the Miri marina from provisioning with a friend, there was an entirely new class of transportation lined up in front of the well-used sailboats and Malaysian Marine ships. One metallic blue machine edged out onto the wooden platform over the water, wooden boards creaking loudly underneath. OK, it didn’t actually go off the dock, but I’m sure I’m not the only person to hold my breath and visualize it happening when they cracked just a little. Even the driver of the most pedestrian Proton sedan knows better than to leave the sandy scrub of the parking lot, but they aren’t usually after a photo op.

Fancy cars come to Miri

Enter the Miri Fancypants Car Club, members of which were apparently bored on a Saturday and decided to hang out at the marina taking selfies with their cars (seriously) while a pro buzzed around grabbing shots for a magazine. Actually, they had a more proper name for themselves, with windshield stickers and everything, but I forget what it was. The collection of high end cars- Ferraris, Maseratis, an Aston Martin, a Lamborghini, and other vehicles I simply don’t have the right genetic makeup to identify- was just not what expected to see coming back from a jaunt for groceries.
Fancy cars come to Miri

We got around Miri on more prosaic transportation.

our wheels

Bicycles, rented for 10 ringgit per week (about $3.30). Remember how a bike gave you wings as a child? That’s how our kids have been this week, flying around on their own wheels. They are happy to be sent with errands (baguettes from the bakery, so we catch them in the brief window after delivery and before they’re sold out) or just tool around the nearly street winding out to the marina.

Would we put bikes on the boat? With five of us, we just don’t have the room. But we’re big walkers, and so far, it’s only been the occasional place where we really wish we had bikes. Miri was one of them, and it worked out just fine.

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  1. We are in the twilight of the Age of Oil. Those Lambos and Furrraris will make great planters and yard ornaments, but I’ll bet by the time your kids have grey hair their bike riding skills will be more useful.

    1. Or they could be easily and cheaply converted to run on renewable ethanol forever. Mind you, they’ll be rusted out hulks before the oil actually runs out so it’s hardly relevant anyway.

    2. Umm- have you looked at the EROI for ethanol production? Takes almost as much fossil energy input to grow the corn and sugar cane, extract the ethanol and distribute it as you get out of the ethanol. Not exactly the perpetual motion machine that is going to run the world forever!

    3. I think it’s pretty common for the full picture of “renewable” fuel to miss the big picture. Reminds me of the rainforests we saw stripped to plant palm oil trees for biodiesel. 80% of Borneo whacked already!

  2. There’s something about this woman’s writing that makes me want to punch it in the face. Could it be the cheeky stories and pretentious word choice? I don’t think so, it’s that over socialized super extroverted vernacular coming from a miserable ultra liberal feminist.

    1. There’s something about that Anonymous poster’s writing that makes me want to play a sad violin. Obviously that individual has lead one of the loneliest and most miserable lives in all of history. Its attempt at pseudo-intellectual labeling is nothing more than projection from a person who cannot handle the writing and good fortune of an pretty, intelligent and accomplished blogger. Perhaps Anonymous should spend less time criticizing those that actually do and more time an energy getting out of the damp,dark basement it currently occupies.

      In closing dear Anonymous poster you fail. Troll detected. 0/10 for your poor troll attempt. That said, if my reply makes you mad or brings you any sadness, just know that the thought of your tears will bring me great satisfaction, so please by all means, stay mad, sad and MOAR tears 😉

  3. While Behan is experiencing a marvelous tour of the world in all its diversity while giving her kids a priceless introduction to it, you Anonymous are having a miserable time living in your little tunnel vision hole. My condolences.

  4. Shine a light into the void of the interwebs and the roaches go scurrying don’t they? Keep on shining.

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