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Top Ten Snorkeling Spots- Part 3

Maybe we should subtitle the blog “a family snorkelizing around the world.” We love getting underwater, and  it shows! Our favorite five are epic; the next five are pretty spectacular too. Yet it was so hard to just share ten favorites, I can’t resist sharing the other places that loom large in our memory. They […]


Welcome to Malaysia!

Sailing into the beautiful islands in the bay off Kuching, we talk about what seems new and different in Malaysia compared to Indonesia. It’s impossible to resist making comparisons like this when we arrive in a new country. The transition from Papua New Guinea to Indonesia was particularly stark. The shift as we travel Indonesia to […]


You know you’re in a rolly anchorage when…

We dropped the hook in a roadstead anchorage, somewhere along the coast of Sarawak. This part of Borneo has been littered with oil rigs and little fishing boats, so we take coastal day hops instead direct passages to work northward. They can’t all be this flat! Photo from Nalukai. Hoping to pick up a decent […]

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