Back in pretty water again: Pulau Gaya

Resort life is great, but what we love most is to be anchored in a quiet bay, with a nice beach and clean water to explore above and below. Back at home in Puget Sound, it was a lark to anchor off the city for floating front row seats to a waterfront concert- but it’s the tiny hooks and bays of the forgotten south sound or the quieter islands in BC where our best memories were made.

So while we loved our “vacation” at the Sutera Harbor Resort, it was sweet to come out and behind the island opposite and tuck ourselves into a quiet anchorage with our friends on sv Relapse.

Totem and Relapse across the bay
Totem and Relapse on the back side of Pulau Gaya

We’d both been on the go for a while, and this was the point where we’d part ways with our latest best cruising buddies (after less than three weeks since we met- it doesn’t take long when you’re cruising), so it was nice to just relax and enjoy a beautiful spot together. Mark pulled the kids around to skurfing on a surfboard. Mostly, we just sat around and talked in the water. It was that magical temperature: cool enough for a break from the tropical heat, but never to the point where we could get chilled.

just hanging out...
Just perfect.

There was mad raft building with salvaged driftwood, bamboo, and chunks of styrofoam found floating in the water (plenty of junk unfortunately!).

they built a raft, then paddled away

The kids also made a contained palace / habitat for a number of clams and hermit crabs.

Making a den for clams & crabs

Cameron has one of the clams in his hand- you have no idea how ticklish that little foot is as the bivalve tries to bury itself in your hand.

Cameron & the girls

The snorkeling wasn’t great, but wasn’t bad. See this little fish? It seemed to think it was hiding from me. Adorable!

I love nudibranchs!

Know me, know my fixation with anemone fish. So cute! So full of personality!

I love clownfish!

How about this gorgeous anemone?

pretty anemone

…and- bubble coral!

bubble coral

BEST OF ALL, though, a pair of nudibranchs. Normally they just kind of sit around, but this one was waving all over the place. Showing off for the other one? Who knows. Here’s a portrait of one- isn’t it’s gorgeous?

I love nudibranchs!

We don’t think we’ll have such nice snorkeling again for a while so we soaked it up.

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  1. Oh my does it look idyllic, despite the junk. Looks like the kids had a grand time just being kids. Thanks to you, I am no obsessed with nudibranch. I do not know if this is a good thing or not but I seriously can not wait to find out.

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