Summer Sailstice: celebrating twice on Totem!

Happy solstice- now, go sailing!

This Saturday, June 22, is Summer Sailstice– a worldwide celebration of sailing held on the weekend closest to solstice each June. On Totem, we observe solstice and are passionate about sailing, so what serendipity to bring them together as we return from our 3 year foray to the southern hemisphere!

The event was started in 2001 by John Arndt in the SF Bay Area. John is passionate about sailing, and just wanted to share his passion with others while bringing the diverse factions of sailing together. Ultimately, Summer Sailstice is all about getting out on the water- whether you have a boat or not, whether you’ve ever been sailing or not.

The Summer Sailstice organizers facilitate the locally organized events, getting people onto boats where ever they are in the world.

Want to join the sail in your area? Check out the interactive map on their website to see who is hosting an event close to you. The number of events in the US is amazing! This was the map on Friday morning:

People who aren’t involved in sailing often think that it’s more complicated than it is, and the sailing world is made up of very different characters- from the kids in Optimists to weekend racer/cruisers, or the realm of the wealthy. It’s just not that simple. Sailing is for everyone, and far more accessible than many folks realize.

If you’ve wondered, or been on the fence, check it out. There are a lot of boats looking for people jump on board. There are a pile of prizes on offer from event sponsors, some serious boat jewelry and great sailing opportunities. And if you don’t want to go sailing, but just give your two thumbs up for the health of the ocean- events like this Healthy Ocean Clean Up are being coordinated for the Summer Sailstice date as well.

On Totem, we’re hoping go tool around the bay here off the coast of Malaysian Borneo for a while, enjoying our first north-of-the-equator Summer Solstice since 2009.

Disclosure- the good folks at Summer Sailstice asked me to write something about their event. I am thrilled to accept and support them, this is not done for compensation- and they didn’t put a single word on this page. Now, go sailing already!

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  1. Hi Behan, Im just curious looking in your location Totem was close to where i came from the Philippine Island, are you guys planning to visit there? i am just curious for that would be our destination someday. If so, hoping to get info from you again. GOD BLESS TOTEM FAMILY!

    1. Hi Rumila, we’re not sure about if/when we’ll get to the Philippines. I have heard so many great things about the country- I really want to visit! We may be able to go up to Palawan from here for a while, but I’m not sure it fits into our current itinerary. Someday for sure, though!

    2. Like other places there is good and bad, i am anxious to read your post if you can do it there because i like the way you describe the place in your post good or bad and you can email me if you need something or info i am willing to help as long as i can. GOD BLESS TOTEM FAMILY!

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