The Sailing Podcast interviews Totem

Just recently, Jamie and I spent a really nice hour chatting with David Anderson of The Sailing Podcast. He and his wife Carina have a great series of interviews for sailors. David had been in touch with us a while back, but took months for us to be parked in a place with dependable internet access to Skype. The joys of cruising, right?

Crazy squalls
Crazy squalls that day, but calm and peaceful in time for our interview with The Sailing Podcast
It was  fun for us to kick back in the cockpit and chat away with David about everything from the reasons we went cruising, how our journey is financed, our approach to homeschooling on the boat, and ideas on where we’re headed next (we don’t really know, but it’s fun to think about).
Now that we’ve got some bandwidth, I’m looking forward to pulling down more of David’s podcasts to listen to. Having a podcast in one ear is among my favorite ways to pass time on a night watch, and he’s got some interesting subjects! My picks to listen to on next week’s 3-4ish day passage to Borneo:

Nice selections David, we’re honored to be included! Thanks from our crew, we enjoyed the experience and hope to catch up again.

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  1. Hey Behan.

    Can’t wait to listen to your interview. I just wanted to let you know that Mike’s book, South from Alaska, is indeed excellent. His sister-in-law Elsa lent it to us. Our daughter went to preschool with their nephew.

    You guys are an ongoing inspiration to us.

    Keep safe!

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