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It’s not always rosy

I tend to write about the positive aspects of our life. It’s not a concerted effort to avoid the icky parts; it’s simply not my preference to dwell on them. Well, consider yourself warned, because is a departure. Totem just had “one of those” days. This is… not one of those days. No, this was […]


You can go home again (Bali edition)

Even at one o’clock in the morning, stepping off the plane in Bali is like walking into a wall of warm humid air. It takes some adjustment, but at the same time, it felt as though every pore of my skin opened up and said “thank you.” Other than the fact that my sweet husband […]


You can go home again

In early April, I flew to the USA from Bali. My parents were moving out of a home they’ve had for 30+ years and had a daunting task of packing up, so went back to give them a hand. The blog has been in “catch up” mode since then, but we are finally pretty much caught […]


Cruiser karma and gotong royong

Here in Bali, we are reminded again and again of the emphasis placed upon mutual aid: people helping each other out in a loose organization of community support known as gotong royong. When a farmer’s rice paddies are ready to harvest, the job is too big for one person to do alone; left to the […]


Meanwhile, in Bali

We had a crazy fast run from Gili Air down to Bali. The current here really rips, and when you’re headed south, it’s your friend. Both Jamie and I tried to take pictures of the water’s surface to illustrate the big rip lines, but they are entirely undramatic when captured with a camera… just take […]


A relaxed delivery from Komodo to Bali

Delivery mode isn’t something we really enjoy, but it’s a reality at the moment. I have a flight to the states to catch, and it won’t wait for me. There are enough nets, fishing boats, FADs and debris that we don’t feel comfortable being underway at night, so it’s a series of four day hops […]


Exploring in beautiful Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is made up of a stunning archipelago of islands between Flores and Sumbawa, Komodo island the largest. The cruising reports we’ve read talk about the brown, arid landscape- but what we find is lush and green, well watered from the end of the recent rainy season. Another advantage to traveling off the […]

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