Excuse me while I get busy

The feedback to last week’s post about topics was beyond my expectation. Besides illuminating really clear interest in particular areas, there were a bunch of new ideas, and some interesting questions on subjects I had in mind. Thank you!

First up is seasickness, which by far had the most requests for more detail. Boatschooling, power management, and dealing with customs/clearance into countries were next…I’ll get to those in the next couple of weeks, and work through the remainder based upon interest.

Meanwhile, a few other ideas (or twists) that hadn’t been on my radar that are also going into the mix:

  • Favorite destinations, and those we wouldn’t care to revisit
  • Favorite snorkeling / diving spots
  • Food poisoning and eating “local style”
  • More on food: vegetarian cruising, everyday cruising meals, exotic foods and refrigeration
  • What sails we have on Totem, and sail handling aboard
  • Photography: cameras used, tips and tricks
  • What to do with all that stuff in the holding tank
  • Avoiding pirates

On that note… a view from tonight’s anchorage between Bali and Menjangan Island, looking out at some big volcano on Java.


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