Waiting for weather in Kota Saparua

We had a mostly grey week of watching for weather to sail down to the Banda islands. The anchorage off the main town was much more flat and secure, so we had a comfortable place to wait and felt in no hurry.

Saturday is the big market day. Best to go early! I was hoping to score some chicken… the earlier you buy, the fewer flies come with your purchase. Siobhan tagged along and caused quite a stir.

This lady decided to kidnap her and show her off to friends. All in good fun.

Saparua's Saturday market
Siobhan is being held at the rear right of the picture

Everyone is always watching Siobhan.

Saparua's Saturday market

I just like watching all the market goods: like these gorgeous chilies, and the mountains of sago.

Saparua's Saturday market
look: NO PLASTIC PACKAGING! It can be done.

Most days, the village was a lot slower, and a lot sleepier.

Kota Saparua

Dried cloves in a shop wait to be packed and shipped.

Dried cloves

A small warung, the ubiquitous little restaurants of just a few tables (or even just one).

Saparua warung

Salt for sale.

sea salt

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