Southern Raja Ampat’s underwater drama

Raja Ampat underwater is one stunning tableau after another

Raja Ampat is famous for its marine life: it is alleged to be among the most biodiverse in the world. Every time we put our heads underwater we are reminded of the incredible drama below the surface. Finally, I can share some of it here! After our new underwater camera died the first time we used it underwater in PNG, we have a replacement. In the big duffle full of goodies that Dan has brought us from the states is a new underwater camera, a gift from my brother. I cannot stop taking photos with it and am so happy to finally have an underwater camera in hand again. Dan has brought his as well, and between us we are truly snap-happy.

Dan is a freediving instructor, so he’s been helping us with tips and information to safely improve our diving. Are we lucky or what? Don’t worry Mum, I’ll still probably never get much below 30 feet, even with professional help! Niall can manage over 40 now, confirmed he retrieved a lost piece of gear from the bottom in another anchorage. The girls are getting more comfortable, but have no depth ambitions, which is fine. We are never going to be hardcore freedivers, but since Totem doesn’t have the room or budget for scuba gear, it’s great to learn more about how to get down and enjoy beauty of the world underwater.

Like this.

A feather grabs the light.

more pretty
Dan hovers behind a free-swimming crinoid.
free swimming crinoid = COOL

The turtles never get old. Never, ever, ever.

Turtles never get old

Clownfish are adorable. #fact

Clownfish are adorable

Have I mentioned the adorable anenome fish?

Clownfish are adorable

It’s just that they have so much personality! Yes, they are fish. Yes, I said personality. TRUST ME.

Clownfish are adorable

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  1. Behan and the Totem crew – your photos are absolutely fantastic. They take my breath away! What camera are you using? Love the Kamayans

  2. Delicious photos! Particularly fun to me, to see some critters familiar from our time in the Caribbean, and some brand new to us from the other hemisphere.

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