The exotic cruising life: a wild day of… fixing sewing machines

Another day at the Hermits: Jamie learns that there’s a broken sewing machine ashore. Having worked for years as a sailmaker, he’s well versed in the mechanics of machines and has the  skills to help. OK, no problem, we set a time for 8am the next day to go in and meet with the woman who needs her machine fixed.

Sewing machine day, Luf island

The sewing machine fix-it station – Hermit Islands

When we go ashore the following morning for Jamie’s sewing machine date, it becomes apparent it’s not just one. A small group has gathered and there are a half dozen manual Singer machines in various states of repair arranged on a large table outside. More machines turn up over the course of the morning. This is rapidly shaping into an all-day event.

No problem!

There are trees to climb.

Sewing machine day, Luf island

Dogs to cuddle.

Sewing machine day, Luf island

Pictures to draw.

Sewing machine day, Luf island

Friends to make.
Sewing machine day, Luf island

Many of the machines looked like they hadn’t been oiled in a long time, and simply needed routine maintenance. One had been dropped and required a little forceful tweaking to become operational. Two of them hosted colonies of cockroaches. We just hustled the chickens over to grab what they could and left those for later!

Meta designates himself as the point person for repairs later, and sits with Jamie to learn about the various issues. Smoothing burrs that chafe thread, learning mechanics for fixing the timing, locating the dozen points that need oiling- often- to keep the machine running smoothly.

Sewing maching repairs

Jamie and Meta work on a machine

Gifts of fruit, vegetables, and beautiful shells start accumulating. By the end of the afternoon, it takes the help of two other people to carry the edible expressions of thanks back to Totem. The final tally was Sewing Machines, 2: Jamie, 7.

I think we can declare victory!

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