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Boat jobs are colorblind

Most boats have a division of labor. How do we split responsibility along “pink” vs “blue” jobs, or  “kid jobs” for those of us with children aboard? Just hanging out looking manly, wondering what blue jobs to do Confession: I think this is a crock. It bothers me that “pink and blue jobs” rates as […]


Oh, we had plenty of fun, too

From the posts about the Hermit islands earlier this week, it might seem that we didn’t get to play very much while we were there. Hardly true! It wasn’t all about the awesome whales, either. Photo by Nalukai. We spent a lot of time in the water. There was the unforgettable experience of swimming with […]


The exotic cruising life: a wild day of… fixing sewing machines

Another day at the Hermits: Jamie learns that there’s a broken sewing machine ashore. Having worked for years as a sailmaker, he’s well versed in the mechanics of machines and has the  skills to help. OK, no problem, we set a time for 8am the next day to go in and meet with the woman […]

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