Pictures of our first month in Papua New Guinea

Thanks to the good folks at the Ropopo Plantation & Resort near Kokopo, PNG, we have enough internet to get a few photos uploaded. Hooray! Kinda makes me want to stay here another day, but we need to keep moving. Having a schedule doesn’t suit us well but it’s well worth the upside of meeting a friend… in December, in Indonesia. Yep, time to get headed west!

For now, enjoy the photos. There’s a full set here on Flickr, and a few of my favorites below.

Island swingset

Just a swingset by the seashore. The propane tank at left is a gong to call the village. -Brooker Island

lunch at the pastors

Lunch after church at the pastor’s house. -Pana Pom Pom, Louisiades

Panapompom children

Beautiful children. – Pana Pom Pom, Louisiades

Elizabeth's family

I love kissing babies. With Elizabeth’s family, Pana Pom Pom Island

Brooker school kids
The primary school children on Brooker, SO HAPPY to have a soccer ball!

Julie Toby and daughter

Julie Toby and her baby girl  – Pana Pom Pom Island, Louisiades

Drumming and Dancing-7

Just a little drumming and dancing. -Budi Budi atoll

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  1. Hi Behan,
    I noticed that Julie Toby’s little girl is wearing a cord around her neck. Do you know if that has any significance?

    While working with Haitian migrant workers in the DR, I kept noticing red cords on babies and asked about it. They wore them to ward off evil spirits or to keep other mothers from coveting their babies…


    p.s. I agree about the cooking lessons. (: What a great way to interact and get to know each other! It takes the focus off of the material and places it more on relationship building.

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