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Pictures of our first month in Papua New Guinea

Thanks to the good folks at the Ropopo Plantation & Resort near Kokopo, PNG, we have enough internet to get a few photos uploaded. Hooray! Kinda makes me want to stay here another day, but we need to keep moving. Having a schedule doesn’t suit us well but it’s well worth the upside of meeting […]


Reflections on provisioning

Public market, Zihuatanejo, Mexico People everywhere have to eat. This is a lesson I seem to need to re-learn periodically. A lot of provisioning, I believe, is really just the result of over thinking things from a fear of scarcity- and as a result, buying far more than necessary. On the other hand, this is […]


Holy medical mayhem, batman!

Malaria scares and scorpion stings are not part of the usual suburban American experience. Like most cruisers, we went to great lengths to educate ourselves on what might happen “out there,” how to handle it, and stock a medical kit before we departed. Other than the occasional Tylenol or meclizine, most of that kit has […]


Preserving a family’s history

Punchline: I’m looking for a good Samaritan / karma seeker who can retouch a photo. Here’s the backstory. Our first day anchored off Panapompom, Toby paddled up to Totem in his outrigger. He was hoping we had some powdered milk to trade, because his wife wanted to make a special bread for a feast on […]


A day in the life

A peek into our day on Totem: normal activities in a not so normal life. In full Halloween pirate regalia, Niall is working on a map that we're going to age with tea bags. At 13 years old, Niall has been telling us for weeks that he's not getting dressed up for Halloween this year. […]

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