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Idyllic week in Budi Budi atoll

Budi Budi was only going to be a short stopover, but when we finally had good weather to leave, our weeklong stay felt too short. With an excellent anchorage, beautiful reefs, and very friendly people—it should be on more “must-see” stops in Papua New Guinea. This jewel of an atoll gets few visitors, lying just […]

Routing beyond the Louisiades

Our path through Papua New Guinea so far has been nothing like we expected, and that's just fine. Yet another lesson that cruising "plans" are made to be changed, and that weather always wins! Our route through the western end of the Louisiades happened spontaneously. I was disappointed not to start at the eastern end […]


Ask, listen, share, rinse, repeat.

We haven’t been in Papua New Guinea for two weeks yet, but I believe we have gotten to know more local people here than the rest of our Pacific island cruising. It’s not spending time in one place. We’ve only spent a handful of days in each anchorage.  It could be related to being on […]

Dim-dim TV

When sailed from Panasia to Brooker Island, we gave a ride to Ronnie- one of the local guys who had gone diving for crayfish for us the night before. He wanted to go back for a feast with his soccer team to celebrate the end of their season. We were happy to offer a lift […]


Panasia Island: trading 101 in our gateway to the Louisiades

We extended our tiptoe into Papua New Guinea by sailing to Panasia island at the western end of the Louisiades. We were wary of crossing Jomard Entrance after the seas we experienced last week, but had no problem, and picked up three very nice pelagic fish on handlines for our trouble. Panasia is where the […]


Gentle introduction to Papua New Guinea

Bramble Haven might just be the perfect landfall in Papua New Guinea, and yet it is pure serendipity that we’re even here. Our original plan (a word every cruiser hesitates to use!) was to arrive at the far eastern end of the Louisiades. Prevailing winds are southeast, so this would give us a better angle […]

AU to PNG, Days 4-6: at least we didn’t break anything

Landfall at Bramble Haven – Wednesday 3/10, somewhat beat up from the last three days of winds/seas. This was a passage best characterized by highs and lows. That's a bad pun, because it really was defined by the high and low pressure areas affecting our conditions. It was a good reminder that even with a […]


Afraid of the dark

Plenty of people worry about plenty of things when they consider the prospect of cruising. Looking in from the outside, the fears we hear voiced from those who wonder about cruising are centered around a few themes. We mostly hear about about pirates and storms. Jamie driving off Cape Mendocino. Gales never look as bad […]

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