Mooloolaba: our neighborhood this week

We’re in Mooloolaba, a sweet beach town on the sunshine coast of Queensland.

Heading north from the protected waters of Moreton Bay, we wove through sand shoals to come into the Mooloolah river. Humpback whales, dolphins, and one very large turtle. Beautiful company on a beautiful day! We timed the 50-odd mile trip to arrive in Mooloolaba a little before high tide, not knowing what the bar would bring. We would have liked more wind for sailing, but it surely helped with the docile bar conditions, and for that we’re grateful!

Most of our time is taken in continued boat projects and preparations to depart Australia, but there’s always time to spend a few hours on a pretty beach.

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  1. Love following your blog. Makes me homesick looking at your pictures. My mum and sister live in Maroochydore (next town up). We hope to make it there someday on our boat. Make sure you take a trip to Australia Zoo while you’re in the area. I have been but my mum says its to die for!

  2. Carly, thanks, glad you enjoy the blog! I hope you get to sail (back) here too. Maroochydore is so close…in fact I think I am taking the bus there today to pick up a few things we couldn’t find in town! I’ve looked at the Australia Zoo- it does get rave reviews. But it’s $189 entry fee for a family of 5. OUCH. Since we are lucky to experience many creatures in their natural home…I think we will pass up on the zoo.

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