And we’re off- PNG or bust!

Totem is departing this morning for Papua New Guinea. There is a great deal of excitement on board, tempered with a little “are we ready yet?” tension.

Although we have had weeks to prepare, much of the “prep” was waiting for shipments and then weather.The final hours are still somewhat chaotic. Wrapping up details like disconnecting our mobile and internet service and paying last bills, the accoutrements of our extended stay in Australia.

There have been a few explosions of stuff in the main cabin.

We don’t expect to have internet access for a month, give or take. For the first time in a long time, we’ll be back to posting by radio. The awesome Carla, from Moondance, is helping us with a relay to post photos (Winlink allows attachments, but the encoding prevents them from being accepted in a post to the blog). I’m really grateful for her help, because I’m excited to share some of the tropical vistas we’ll soon have from Totem.

Totem’s position is updated daily by radio. Those won’t show up as blog posts if you get this by email, but you can see them on the website on the right hand side or under our Journey section. So think of us, and hope we’re catching fish or watching whales… you know, from a safe distance. Our next gasp of Internet will be in the latter part of October.

And with that, we’re off! I sure hope there’s enough chocolate on board.

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