Almost ready to go

We are getting so close to our take-off date, it’s like we can taste it. Waiting for the last few things we need is hard, but there’s plenty to keep us busy.

Like dealing with a few winches that had earned a bit of TLC.

We hired a little “adult supervision” from a professional to assure all is well with our trusty Yanmar, and to get a few bits and parts for it serviced and replaced. If anyone comes near Mooloolaba and needs Yanmar service, Graham is your guy! He was a big help and knows his stuff.

I’ve been able to add to my growing collection of photos of Jamie in awkward positions doing work on the boat.

There was the little matter of a bolt getting stuck in the case around the impellor in our engine. No, I’m not a mechanic and that could probably be explained better…but it’s not what you want to occur. Jamie finally got it out. Isn’t that a sexy hand?

I’ve had the pleasure of doing laundry with a fabulous view… but the best part? It had HOT WATER (this is seriously the first hot-water marina laundry we’ve seen since the US. Yes, that was 2008).

While I’m off the boat, Jamie uses kitchen appliances for his welding projects. *sigh*

Plenty to keep us occupied… but we can’t wait to get moving…

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  1. I laughed at the photo of Jaime in awkward position on boat (great idea for a blog post) and then commiserated on your kitchen appliances being used. You are almost there!!

  2. Seriously Charlotte- I have a whole series tagged “awkward” waiting for a special post about Jamie and his contortionist abilities (in the interest of projects!). Now if I can just keep him away from my sewing scissors…

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