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AU to PNG, Days 2 and 3: easy living

It took nearly three days for the wind to fill in, but it's finally here. Totem is now moving along at a good clip, averaging 7.5 knots on a beam reach in 15 knots of easterly breeze. We spend much of our days reading, as books and e-readers littered around give evidence. The ocean sparkles […]


Australia to Papua New Guinea, Day 1: it’s going to take longer than we thought

It's always good to expect the unexpected. Finding the rhythm of a passage usually takes a day, or three, depending on which member of the Totem crew you ask. Settling in to a different routine, dealing with any seasickness(thankfully uncommon aboard Totem), adapting to the shakeup in sleeping patterns. It's not always appealing to add […]


Housekeeping: have you visited lately?

I know a number of our friends and family get the blog via email, so for the benefit of those who don’t see the homepage, check it out! I’ve done a minor facelift and added information. As part of that, tabs to other information about us and our travels have been added. Just a wee […]


And we’re off- PNG or bust!

Totem is departing this morning for Papua New Guinea. There is a great deal of excitement on board, tempered with a little “are we ready yet?” tension. Although we have had weeks to prepare, much of the “prep” was waiting for shipments and then weather.The final hours are still somewhat chaotic. Wrapping up details like disconnecting our […]


Fraser Island: Our neighborhood this week

This week, we worked our way up to Bundaberg, lingering a bit in the aptly named Sandy Straits between Fraser Island and the coast of Australia.   Fraser is believed to be the largest sand island in the world. More than 50 miles long but less than 10 miles wide, it has ribbons of white […]


A tale of three EPIRBs

Punchline: we have a brand new, 406 mHz EPIRB for sale at a ripping bargain (as in, just don’t make us lose too much money on this). Email for details- but do it soon! We depart Australia soon. This EPIRB has a built in GPS, is manually activated, and is coded for vessels registered in […]


Almost ready to go

We are getting so close to our take-off date, it’s like we can taste it. Waiting for the last few things we need is hard, but there’s plenty to keep us busy. Like dealing with a few winches that had earned a bit of TLC. We hired a little “adult supervision” from a professional to assure […]


Totem’s boat swag

Our cruising mentors had helped us internalize just how important your boat name will be as a part of your cruising life. That name is your identity. Cruisers you meet- you will know them better in a day than the people you lived next door to for years, but odds are that they will never […]


Mooloolaba: our neighborhood this week

We’re in Mooloolaba, a sweet beach town on the sunshine coast of Queensland. Heading north from the protected waters of Moreton Bay, we wove through sand shoals to come into the Mooloolah river. Humpback whales, dolphins, and one very large turtle. Beautiful company on a beautiful day! We timed the 50-odd mile trip to arrive in Mooloolaba a […]

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