Moreton Bay Islands: our neighborhood this week

We’re out of the Brisbane river, although we didn’t go far. Totem is bobbing around the islands in Moreton Bay. It’s in range of the city, where we need to return in the coming week for postal deliveries and rabies vaccination boosters (ew), but it feels a world away. I loved our mooring with the bridge and skyscraper lights, but it’s really good to be anchored out in clean water and pretty islands again. Bonus: it’s humpback season! A few have made it into these enclosed waters.

Siobhan and I did a little paddling to explore our neighborhood today. Peel Island has turtles and dugongs in the sea grass, but we didn’t spot any this afternoon. Tomorrow perhaps?

One of the reasons we wanted to get away from our close-in spot in Brisbane is to test our watermaker and HF radio. The watermaker needs clean water (I’ll not elaborate on the state of the river), the radio needs to be away from RF interference.  Learning curves and mixed results resulted, but isn’t that just part of cruising?

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  1. Movement is progress. You give me hope as I sit at work, far away from the ocean,on the weekend having missed my bike ride due to a sick call – Yep I needed a little motivation and inspiration – Thanks!

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