Doing things for the last time

With our departure from Australia coming up, we’re conscious of doing a number of things for the last time. It’s something that happens routinely when we are traveling, but stands out now due to the relatively longer stay we’ve had in Australia. Mexico was our home for a similar length of time, but we weren’t based in one place- we were exploring thousands of miles of coastline. Here, we’ve called two communities home: we’ve made ties, established local routines, gotten to know people.

One of the things we’ll really miss about Brisbane are the ferry masters, a few in particular. Brisbane is built along both sides of a winding river, criss-crossed with bridges and connected by ferries. For most of this year, the girls took a ferry across the river to reach the public school they attended. On one hand, it’s just getting you from A to B. But in reality, it’s a fun segue into their morning with some great people. Guys like Andrew and Paddy who take the time to know the kids, to make them feel special. They always had a ready line to make the children smile and helped us feel welcomed in this home-away-from home. We will really miss them- their open smiles, and sense of humor.

We were ferrying from downtown over to a park the other day and I asked Andrew if I could take a picture of him with the children. “Oh no,” he said, “people only what a picture when they’re leaving!”

And so it goes.

Andrew with Totem crew and friends
So Andrew, if you’re reading this? We really would love a visit in PNG, just so you know.