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Why we aren’t taking anti-malarial drugs

In hindsight and after a few emails from my last post on malaria, I think a little backstory will help to paint a more complete picture of the choices we’ve made. That last post really just focused on the ‘what’; this is the ‘why.’ World malaria fatality rates, via Global Health Equity Longer ago than […]


Heading into malaria country

Papua New Guinea has sobering malaria statistics. It has the highest incidence of malaria in the Western Pacific. Internal problems with infrastructure, resources and funding give malaria victims an unnecessarily high mortality rate. We’ll travel from PNG to Indonesia, and continued endemic malaria: it’s not like anything we’ve experienced to date. So it might seem […]


Our cruisiversary: four years today

Four years ago today, we sailed out of Eagle Harbor and into cruising. Our very dear friends sailed out in company with us, and waved us off onto our adventures. Against the backdrop of  a beautiful August day, the kind only Puget Sound can conjure, it was a heady beginning and bursting with promise. It is […]


Moreton Bay Islands: our neighborhood this week

We’re out of the Brisbane river, although we didn’t go far. Totem is bobbing around the islands in Moreton Bay. It’s in range of the city, where we need to return in the coming week for postal deliveries and rabies vaccination boosters (ew), but it feels a world away. I loved our mooring with the […]


Aussieisms: the Tim Tam Slam

We were first introduced to the Tim Tam Slam by our friends on s/v Mulan during the Pacific crossing in 2010. It’s fair to say that the Australian Tim Tam “biscuit” (as cookies here are called) has become a favorite treat on Totem. A few extra “packets” (only an American would call them packages) are […]

Mapping a route through Papua New Guinea

One of the issues we’re facing as we make plans to head for Papua New Guinea is how to choose a path that is sensible and safe. While it’s unfair to make the blanket statement that the country should be avoided, there are clearly places here where we do not want to go- it has earned […]


Death, taxes, and laundry

Laundry is still laundry…but hey, you’re in Bora Bora Sometimes it really does feel that way: like one of the guarantees in life! August’s raft-up topic is about handling clothes and laundry on board. It’s a good subject for the group, since it’s a big question for pre-cruisers and based on questions we’ve had, I think a […]


Doing things for the last time

With our departure from Australia coming up, we’re conscious of doing a number of things for the last time. It’s something that happens routinely when we are traveling, but stands out now due to the relatively longer stay we’ve had in Australia. Mexico was our home for a similar length of time, but we weren’t based in one […]

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