It’s Friday, at 4:30 p.m.

We’re in the middle of heady days. The excitement of making big plans, of imagining the possibilities.

Cruising Guides
More than just dream fodder.

As soon as Totem is ready, our passports and visas in hand, we’ll be heading out into the big blue again. It’s a matter of weeks that we can count on our hands. 
I’ve been downright giddy. A friend of ours put it perfectly in perspective: it’s a little like a Friday afternoon. The prospect of the weekend stretches in front of you. Saturdays you live the freedom and open opportunities to your heart’s delight. Sundays, though, you have the prospect of Monday looming.
For us, these days lately are like a string of Fridays. 
Soon, we’ll be heading off soon into a world of adventures, after our relatively predictable and structured time in Australia. Here we know the places we’ll get food, what it will cost, where we can anchor or moor, how much the bus fare costs, the (many) rules to follow and benefits to enjoy. By contrast, our near future includes islands without stores, without a cash economy- much less public amenities and sidewalks. It’s going to be wildly unpredictable. It’s going to be SO EXCITING.
It’s Friday, and a long weekend awaits.

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  1. POP! That sound is me bursting with excitement for you! What a wonderful adventure ahead of you. I have a FB friend who went to some of the places you’re aiming for a few years back, I can try and connect you if you want? I can’t wait to tag along virtually!

  2. Woo hoo! Excited for you guys. We’re a couple years behind you (crossing no earlier than spring 2014). I just picked up Cruising Japan to New Zealand by Tere Batham. Haven’t read it yet, and it is dated, but should provide some insight nonetheless. All the best, Michael

  3. Think about swinging a little north and paying the Philippines a call. Pristine cruising with very few folks taking advantage of what is here. Best to avoid southern Mindanau, but north of that island has some very nice cruising, great anchorages and few people to crowd them. It would be nice if you had an email addy available.

  4. I’m so glad you’ll be underway again!! Just as we’re settling back into land life (and have access to internet again), I’ll be able to keep the dream alive by following along!! HURRAY!!

  5. The crew of Rutea wishes you a fun, safe and adventure-filled journey with fair winds and calm seas. We’re hoping to catch up with you someday but a 3-month detour to California (a daughter’s wedding – and you thought maintaining a cruising boat was expensive) has delayed us yet again. I hope you don’t mind if I ask you what cruising guide(s) you used and liked for Austalia. We should be arriving in Bundaberg sometime in November.

    Again, our best wishes . . .

    Neal, Ruthie and Corie
    Port Denarau, Fiji

  6. Hey Neal, gorgeous wedding photos! Regarding cruising guides: Alan Lucas is kind of the king of Aussie guides. His “Cruising the Coral Coast” covers the E. coast of Queensland. You will probably also want his NSW guide (if you head to Sydney and beyond). “100 Magic Miles” (David Colfelt) is the popular guide to the Whitsunday islands.

    There are more, but that will cover you. However- if you want to go inside the waterways between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, you’ll want a current Beacon to Beacon guide. They are updated frequently (as are the buoys that mark shifting shoals) so if you’ll go that way, just pick up the latest edition when you get to Bundaberg.

    Naomi, that is ironic, because your blog kept me going many times while we’ve been parked!

    thanks Jesse- I think we will. 🙂

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