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I’m feeling somewhat overwhelmed

It’s quiet on the blog… because it’s anything but quiet on Totem. We went from zero to sixty in planning our departure from Australia. We had been thinking we’d be stay into 2013, but life had other plans, and there is a lot to do to get prepared. Niall’s homemade passport photos. Yes, that’s a sheet. No, […]


It’s Friday, at 4:30 p.m.

We’re in the middle of heady days. The excitement of making big plans, of imagining the possibilities. More than just dream fodder. As soon as Totem is ready, our passports and visas in hand, we’ll be heading out into the big blue again. It’s a matter of weeks that we can count on our hands.  […]


Canning on board: papaya chutney

Some amount of eating from cans is a reality for most cruising boats. Between limited refrigeration, passage making (19 days at sea to the Marquesas!), and minimal resources available in some of our destinations- it’s necessary to keep our bodies happily fueled. Provisioning staples for six months – Mexico, 2010 Much better than buying commercially […]


Sailor or Traveler?

There is a spectrum that exists between identifying as a sailor, and identifying as traveler. Who is cruising because living aboard a boat and voyaging are core to their being? And who is cruising via sailboat because it is a means to and end- a way to satisfy wanderlust, and just happens to be by […]


Exit Strategy: Moving on from Australia

Exit Strategy…besides being the name of our friends Dave & Jean’s boat, an exit strategy is always a good thing to have. Totem has one and we’re about to put it into action: we are soon to be on the move! After 20 months in Australia, it’s time to start putting serious miles under the keel […]

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