Sharing our knowledge

About a month ago, I started trading email with Dana. We haven’t met in person yet although it’s only a matter of time! She calls an Amel home and lives aboard with her husband and new baby… also from the US, and currently in Australia. She’s percolated a cool idea that I’ve dubbed The Raft-Up.

Tosio raft up
One of our most memorable raft-ups: with Oso Blanco and IO, Fiji, 2010

Dana’s bringing cruisers together virtually, to share our experiences with cruising on a given subject. Once a month, a bunch of us (seven at last count) will take turns offering our point of view on a particular aspect of cruising. By sharing from our knowledge, we hope to create a resource with a variety of thoughts and answers to questions about cruising and the cruising lifestyle.

Why? Why not! This project is for fun, for inspiration, for sharing.

March 2013 update: the Raft-UP project did some kind of weird implosion, and the website we linked through was pulled. Not to worry, though, the spirit of sharing knowledge had already been expanded on by the awesome crew at The Monkey’s Fist. Check ’em out for a neat source for topic aggregation for cruisers.

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