Mementos from Marquesas

I can’t help revisiting the sailor’s tradition of picking up a tattoo in the South Pacific. Our friend from the former FlyAweigh (now “out there” as Water Music), Alison, shared more pictures on one of her trips to Sydney. Thanks to her, I’ve got an image of Hyo’s to post.

This is on the inside of her forearm, so when she’s standing, arms at her sides, you just see the tiniest tip of the gecko’s tail curling around to the front of her arm. I think it’s subtle perfection and absolutely gorgeous. On the inside is this cute snappy critter.

It’s freshly inked here.

Hyo's forearm

Then, there’s this. Alison’s cool ankle gecko drew in a small friend. Was it natural attraction?

Alison's gorgeous tat

The best part of this whole getting inked thing is that I love, love, love my tattoo. Irrationally, somewhat unexpectedly…well and truly love it. My own little vanity at fortysomething.

But what’s been really fun and a little surprising is how to someone in the know, the design is instantly recognizable as Marquesan. The circle of people for whom that has meaning isn’t very big, and it’s a group I’m proud to be a part of. It’s like our own private signal- “hey- you too?”

I crossed an ocean. I traveled to islands on the far side of the world. And every day now, I’ve got a tangible reminder of an achievement that will mark my life: to remind me to be strong, to have perspective, and be proud of what I can do.

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  1. I love these tattoos! At 45, I don’t have any tattoos .. yet! Like you, I want to wait until we’re cruising and get some sort of tribal looking tattoo on an island. To me, just a pic of a butterfly at the local tattoo parlor just doesn’t have the significance that I want. Something about the tribal tattoos that are so much more elegant. I went back and saw your foot tattoo .. great choice!

  2. I’ve never been in love with a design enough to make it permanent, but I love how your tattoo has so much meaning – exactly what a tattoo should be (and so rarely is!).

  3. I have flirted with the idea of a tattoo for years now, and love that yours has personal meaning. I keep telling myself that once I know we’re done with having kids I’ll get something that represents them in ink form. I just can’t decide what! 🙂

    By the way- did it hurt getting your tattoo on your foot?

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