The liveaboard kid posse

For most of 2011, the Totem swabbies didn’t have any other children on boats around them. It was one of our big motivators for moving up to Brisbane, and it’s played out even better than we imagined.

Foremost was the girls’ reunion with Maia. When they parted ways in Mexico in 2010, Siobhan sobbed for her loss as we headed out to sea…and that’s saying something, because as cruising kids they become adjusted to the different vectors that other boats travel on. They slid right back into the groove of their friendship as if it had only been a few days, not 22 months! There are many happy scenes like this:

goofy kids

Now we don’t just have a boat-kid crew, we have a posse! Nine in our marina. Four more around the bend at the Botanic Garden pile moorings.

Suddenly, our dinghies have become minivans… all they need are a dozen cupholders and seats that collapse.

River City
Jamie with the kid crews of Totem, Ceilydh and Hadar

that's a minivan
Evan brings the kids back from a shore run

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  1. As a cruising family, I wish we could meet up with more kids. My son should really play ball and run around with other boys and girls too. He is writing a blog for his school friends back home, and I look out for internet connections as a good option for chats and kid-friendly interaction (and watch like a hawk for misuse!)

  2. Awesome pics!!! We are at the beginning of our journey. We have 5 kids and can’t wait to get out there and join you.

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