In the company of friends

It turns out that an excellent way to temper the sadness of leaving good friends is to have reunions with old friends. Much like meeting the Coles again in Port Stephens, it reminds us how our paths can cross and recross- especially in cruising circles. Waiting for in Brisbane are friends from our more recent cruising history. Dear friends with many memories shared from Mexico and the South Pacific, who we can reminisce with about those mouthwatering street tacos in La Cruz or finding what feels like the perfect tropical paradise in the Tuamotus.

Stray Kitty was first (because you’re only known by your boat name, you know!). We made it just in time: their boat had just sold, and two days later they were flying out to go land touring Southeast Asia for a few months. A couple of days in Manly were perfect for us to catch up, and make a few more memories.

Stray Kitty reunion!

Taking leave of the Kitties, we went up the river towards Brisbane to find the slip we’ve been anticipating calling our home. It’s immediately next to Merlin, a family we also met in French Polynesia. Tearing around the bend in a dinghy from their spot at the Gardens Point harbour to catch our lines were the crew of Ceilydh. This reunion was very sweet! I was a little busy with docklines, but Diane took some great pictures.

She also perfectly captured how these happy reunions feel for me (being a pro writer and all I suppose that’s not terribly surprising):

There are friends who you just know will always be your friends. People who months or years after you say goodbye can sit in your home and pick-up a conversation like it was yesterday. Friends where it all seems easy—where they know you, and you know them, and being together feels like you’ve come home.

I think we really needed this, to be reminded that we were home. That home is where ever our family is, but it’s also the warm comfort of the extended circle of our cruising community. Tying up to the dock, with the help of our friends last seen an ocean away, really did feel like a homecoming. And that it can happen again, and again, and again.

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  1. Hi Giffords! (AKA Totem)
    Dennis and I have begun to have some of those “homecoming” experiences as we reconnect with cruising friends in the Caribbean. It was exciting to pull into Simpson Bay Lagoon, St. Martin and see a number of Caribbean 1500 boats there. We were back in the ‘hood! We are having so much fun on S/V Trillium and love following your adventures. Stay safe and live in the moment!
    Sherry & Dennis Day

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