Getting around Brisbane

Brisbane’s orientation around a winding river is great for the boaty folks like our family. Public transportation is a breeze, but the things we can do via dinghy is gratifying. Visiting one or another of the weekend markets by dink is quickly becoming a favorite part of our routine.

River City
In the Brisbane core, there are seven bridges along a few kilometers of river.
We were mostly stuck with mass grocers in Sydney. Here, being just a dinghy ride away from places where we can buy beautiful vegetables, browse artists stalls, choose from a wild array of international treats, meet the producer of beautiful raw honey, talk to the farmer selling his organic lamb, play with puppies, flop on the grass and listen to buskers….well, it puts me in my happy place. Making it all accessible by water, and you just might have my idea of heaven.
Besides, you never know what you’re going to find.
Best falafel in Brisbane!
I’m not sure about the claim, but there is a delicious assortment of food.

When we have as much as we can carry, and happy bellies full of market treats, we wind our way down a short path to the dingy dock for the trip home.
Big current in the river
Big current in the river.

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  1. Looks like Brisbane is agreeing with you guys! Good on you and all that! Nice idea, that little shoe-hanger garden, beautiful.
    Just had a great layover on Fly Aweigh/Water Music in Iron Cove, such wonderful memories come flooding back. Miss you all gobs, big hug, Alison

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