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Sailing the Farm

One of my favorite books I read during the years we only anticipated cruising was Ken Neumeyer’s Sailing the Farm. Long out of print (but downloadable online!), the contents live somewhere between back-to-the-land movements and the anti-establishment ideals of the late 60s counterculture. It’s packed full of ideas for growing your own food aboard and […]


Getting around Brisbane

Brisbane’s orientation around a winding river is great for the boaty folks like our family. Public transportation is a breeze, but the things we can do via dinghy is gratifying. Visiting one or another of the weekend markets by dink is quickly becoming a favorite part of our routine. In the Brisbane core, there are seven […]


The liveaboard kid posse

For most of 2011, the Totem swabbies didn’t have any other children on boats around them. It was one of our big motivators for moving up to Brisbane, and it’s played out even better than we imagined. Foremost was the girls’ reunion with Maia. When they parted ways in Mexico in 2010, Siobhan sobbed for […]


In the company of friends

It turns out that an excellent way to temper the sadness of leaving good friends is to have reunions with old friends. Much like meeting the Coles again in Port Stephens, it reminds us how our paths can cross and recross- especially in cruising circles. Waiting for in Brisbane are friends from our more recent cruising history. […]

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