The Yin/Yang of Transitions: Saying Goodbye

Lots of transitions in the Totem world. Good reminders like meeting the Coles in Port Stephens to help balance out the goodbyes we’ve had to say…because lately, it seems like we say “goodbye” a lot.

Of course, this is also a reason to gather with friends and celebrate our time together! On a sunny weekend in December, we rafted up with a group of our neighbors in a nearby bay. Peter, from Kittani, got some great shots from his dinghy.

Weekend raft
Big raft- and this was before the boats Freddie Ray and Allagai showed up!

Weekend raft
Greg & Leisha from s/v Fine Gold with Mike & Sammy on the bow of their boat, Quartermoon.

The marina’s holiday party on Christmas Eve was like one big reminder that there are a lot of people we we don’t know when we’ll see again. Steve, below, is the caretaker. He loomed large in our children’s lives this year, and they miss him pretty badly. Abby and her husband Ben are sailing south to Adelaide. We wish it was north but are excited about their plans and dreams for a new chapter in their lives.

Steve, Siobhan & Abby
Siobhan adores Steve…and had him pretty well wrapped around her little finger.

The silver lining to saying all these goodbyes is knowing most of those are just until someday. Still, the departure milestones racked up. We did a lot of things for the last time. Last time for a while, anyway. Never say never!

Cammeray Marina Neighbors
Neighbors sending us off from the Cammeray marina

Last time through the Spit Bridge?
Following s/v Liberty out of Middle Harbour for our New Years Eve anchorage

But new horizons for a change…well, they feel good. Really good. We’ve gotten some growth on the bottom and are excited about sailing up to the warmer waters of Queensland. Goodbyes are softened with the knowledge we’ll see many of these people again- some very soon!- and hold the promise of future shared anchorages.

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