Sydney to Brisbane: the weather always wins

We had looked forward to getting off the dock and being underway for months. Free under sail again, listening to the whoosh of water against the hull while we worked our way north. Taking the time to discover a few pretty bays, as our route would keep us near the shore to avoid the big currents running south on the Australian East coast. We’d have almost a week to work our way from Sydney to Brisbane before commitments required us there.

Passage views

The reality, however, was a little different. Uncooperative weather didn’t prevent our departure, but it definitely stalled our progress. This was the first of several cruising truths I had to relearn on this passage: that you can’t put anything on a calendar, because the weather will always decide for you.

On the other hand, much of this was more happily familiar. Cruising in company with another family. Being off the grid, without readily available water and power from marina hookups. Separated from known, easy access to everything from hot showers to grocery stores. That sounds a little daunting, but it’s an integral aspect of what we love about cruising. We are responsible in a more material way for our use and acquisition of basic necessities, and being in tune with their use and discharge in return increases our respect for what we have.

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