Friends in far away places

We’re on our way north, destination Brisbane. The weather is mostly not in our favor since the Northeasterlies that blow in the summertime have finally kicked in. Stopping off at Port Stephens, we were connected by Jarana with a couple from Seattle who live in the harbor.

Turns out, we’d met them before: in 2003, at this big raft-up.

PSCC raftup - August 2003
Puget Sound Cruising Club, Oro Bay

Barbara and Jim made an impression on us then, and not just because their boat Complexity was a shinier, bigger sistership to our Hallberg Rassy 352, Mau Ke Mana. They were a fun couple who had put a lot of careful thought into outfitting their boat, and seemed the closest of the bunch to realizing the cruising dream…at that time in our lives, with babies and busy jobs, it all seemed far away for us.

Here in Port Stephens, they’ve welcomed us with open arms as members of the cruising family. We were treated to a beautiful dinner, and joy of joy for the kids- a BATH. Oh, the things you miss, living on a boat! It’s so nice to feel so very well understood by someone you met once, nearly a decade ago.

And meanwhile, I’ve loved my walk down memory lane. I’ve even got a picture of Barbara hanging out in the hammock with  then four year old Niall, and one year old Mairen.


Good times, in the shadow of the beautiful Mt Rainier. In the middle of a period of transition, it’s a great reminder that we’ll see many of our friends again. Goodbye in the cruising world is really just until that future anchorage you’ll share again someday.

PSCC raftup - August 2003
In the shadow of Mount Rainier

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  1. That’s just awesome!

    Are you guys staying in Brisbane or continuing up to SE Asia? Greg and I are headed to Bali at the end of Feb. We’d love to see you again if you’ll be up there before August!

  2. Wow…lovely thoughts and feelings coming through….maybe someday we’ll have Hipnautical II and meet you in some remote anchorage again…Kiss the kids for me and big hugs to you and Jamie….A few words of advice–don’t ever sell your boat; it’s really painful after you’ve spent so much time and love and miles under the keel. In our case, I guess it was necessary because of financial and schooling reasons. But we are already talking about buying another boat someday….just can’t stay off the water. Good thing we have a friend here in Lahaina with a boat–got to bring in the new year with a beautiful sailing day, watching whales and almost touching Molokai. Lots of love, Bobbie Jo and The Hipsters

    1. The HR352 is a fantastic cruising boat for a small family! Well built, and older models, so often a good value for a bluewater cruiser. It was perfect when we had two kids. We moved up to the Stevens 47 because a third child came along, and we wanted a boat that would last into their teen years with room for everyone… but we came very close to “just going” on the 352 regardless. Good luck with your plans!

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