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Australia Day!

Somewhere a little past midsummer is a good time for national holidays, right? And there’s often a good historical date cooperating to line up with good weather. Niall on the M/V Furthur, waving a flag to celebrate Australia Day in Sydney Harbour, 2011 For Australia, that’s the 26th of January, and the commemorative event is the 1788 […]


A well fed crew is a happy crew

Among the cruising truths I had to relearn was how important it is to have easy meals prepared in advance. The stove was gimbaled, but apparently still not level…lopsided cake is a hazard of galley cooking. People, this is cruising 101. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I glossed completely over it in our preparation. Apparently, […]


Sydney to Brisbane: the weather always wins

We had looked forward to getting off the dock and being underway for months. Free under sail again, listening to the whoosh of water against the hull while we worked our way north. Taking the time to discover a few pretty bays, as our route would keep us near the shore to avoid the big […]


The Yin/Yang of Transitions: Saying Goodbye

Lots of transitions in the Totem world. Good reminders like meeting the Coles in Port Stephens to help balance out the goodbyes we’ve had to say…because lately, it seems like we say “goodbye” a lot. Of course, this is also a reason to gather with friends and celebrate our time together! On a sunny weekend […]


Goodbye Sydney

Our last look behind Totem at Sydney Harbour, before the Opera House and iconic bridge disappeared behind a point of land. January 1, 2012…changes in store for the Totem crew!


Friends in far away places

We’re on our way north, destination Brisbane. The weather is mostly not in our favor since the Northeasterlies that blow in the summertime have finally kicked in. Stopping off at Port Stephens, we were connected by Jarana with a couple from Seattle who live in the harbor. Turns out, we’d met them before: in 2003, at this […]


Celebrating near the leading edge of the New Year

New Year’s Eve was probably our last night aboard Totem in Sydney Harbour. We’re heading north to Brisbane now, but couldn’t miss out on what must be one of the world’s most stunning fireworks displays. Experience told us to arrive a day early, so we staked out our prime spot in a rapidly filling anchorage […]

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