Love them. Can’t stand them. But still, love them.

I should hate the destructive cockatoos, but now that we’ve taken down our headsail (so they can’t shred the sail cover!) removed all instruments from the top of Totem’s mast (since they wrecked the wind instruments and expensive weatherstation anyway!)- leaving little left for them to demolish- well, they are kinda fun to watch.

Cockatoo antics
Cockatoo antics
Cockatoo antics

At least, until they threatened our friend Warren’s beautiful NEW(ly refurbished) mast, rigging and instruments.

Cheeky buggers. Look at that guy on the anemometer. Yeah, he’s feeling pretty high and mighty!

Tactics have been discussed. They are a protected species.

Cockatoos on Warren's mast

Siobhan to the rescue: little miss Small But Mighty throws her weight into swaying the forestay, and annoys the cockatoos just enough to convince them change roosts.

Siobhan charges down the dock

The marina rests.

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  1. A neighbor was having problems with the cormorants sitting on top of his mast and destroying everything below. He put up a gopher deterant – it makes a noise every 10 or 15 seconds – sort of like a low hum (reminds me of a bagpipe being inflated). It shte kind they put into the ground to make the noise or vibration. Swears no birds ever come near his boat. Never know, it might work?

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