Aussieisms: the sausage sizzle

Anyone remember the Tourism Australia campaign from way back where Paul (Crocodile Dundee) Hogan said he’d put “another shrimp on the barbie” for you? Aussies would never use the word shrimp: here they are prawns, thankyouverymuch. But they do love their barbies, and what you’ll find most often on an Aussie barbie is a sausage (also known as a snag or at least 3 other slang terms that my children know better than I do).

As far as I know, the Sausage Sizzle is a uniquely Australian phenomenon. They are fundraisers, a kind of bake-sale-meets-barbecue event. We’ve seen them raising money for everything from childcare centers to cancer foundations. On election days, there are even Sausage Sizzles at polling stations (finding a captive audience for fundraising: Aussies are required to vote).

the aussie sausage sizzle

On weekends, pop-up barbecue stalls at the local equivalent of Home Depot grill sausages, onions, and serve them on a slice of bread. Tomato sauce (ketchup) and H&P sauce (which isn’t exactly steak sauce or barbecue sauce but a little bit of each) are avaialble to squeeze on top.

the aussie sausage sizzle

Like most fast greasy food, it smells incredible. There is huge expectation for the first bite (you probably went out erranding on little more than a cup of coffee). And, like most fast greasy food, your gut tells you to regret the entire event soon after the last bite is finished.

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  1. Silly Behan… uniquely Australian. *snort* Tell that to the Kiwis who raise money for everything here from elementary school swim teams to international traveling music shows with the ubiquitous sausage sizzle. Our particular favorite in this category? The lamb and mint on wheat bread. A connoisseur will always look for the well-seasoned grill and the enterprising team who also fries capsicums (peppers), onions and mushrooms.

  2. here in indonesia we have sausage sizzles all the time which were introduce by aussies and are continued by the aussie contingent. This is a fun event after squash and helps the consumption of the amber fluid (bintang) and vibrant conversation.

    SODS squash, jakarta, indonesia

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