Out for the weekend

This past year has been a relatively land-oriented one for us…it’s also been one that once again gave “weekday” and “weekend” definition in our lives. When started to get cold last winter (yes… Australia does have winter), we really went into hibernation. With Totem at the dock, her crew bundled up, our lives felt very different than they had for the prior few years. Our circle of weekend activity involved trips to the garden, or the library, or some Sydney-side destination… very different from the open ended explorations we’d been accustomed to, poking around the corners of our watery habitat.

How nice to have spring arrive to warm us all up, and get us out exploring again. We welcomed it by getting off the dock to anchor in a quiet bay for the weekend not long ago with our neighbors on s/v Kittani. After a season of many enjoyable evenings spent playing cards below deck, keeping warm, it was nice to shift to the cockpit. It is amazing how many corners of Sydney Harbour can make you feel like your are far, far from the madding crowd.

weekend anchored out
Close to the city of Sydney, but feeling far away

We couldn’t quite ditch our “jumpers” (Aussie for sweater) yet.

weekend anchored out
The girls having a laugh during afternoon tea in Kittani’s cockpit.

The children went for a swim. I worried about sharks the entire time. It’s not irrational, even in the protected inner bays of Sydney Harbour.

weekend anchored out
Still a little chilly, but no wetsuits required.

Coming back from a dinghy exploration, we circled around rocks popping up at low tide and temporarily marooned them. This was met with lots of King of the Hill fun, but ended a bit prematurely by sharp oysters.

weekend anchored out
I still worried about sharks. Love them, but respect them.

It’s warmer and warmer. We had a scorcher recently that even cracked 100*F! We’re back to “normal” spring temps in the low 70s now… but feeling summer right around the corner… and feeling many more bays beckon for anchoring.

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  1. I’d be wary of sharks as well. I’m not a panicky type person but Australia IS famous for having more creatures that want to kill you than anywhere else. Sounds like healthy respect to me.

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