Camping! Cricket! Kangaroos!

A few weekends ago, we were included with a group of families who get together for camping fun a few times a year. What a treat! We knew from last our failed attempt at camping (we were rained out after one night) last January that the kids loved it, but hadn’t had the right impetus to try.  This one included 14 adults and over 20 kids.

Turon Gates campsite

Our campsite was a beautiful private property along a river in the tablelands west of the blue mountains. The children were off at the barest crack of dawn, and came back with excited tales of kangaroos, birds, and a possible platypus sighting.

Early morning walk

The river had just enough current to carry an air mattress for rides.

Turon Gates campsite

Jamie set up a ropes course.

ropes course

Most kids found it easier to cross with shoes. Mairen is not most kids.

ropes course

 Each family had responsibility for one meal- this worked very nicely.

Turon Gates campsite

There were horses, walking right through the campsite! This is Mairen’s idea of heaven.

horses in the campsite

There were cricket lessons. Literal lessons, and cultural ones. Did you know, to say something is ‘cricket’ is to say it’s fair? If it’s not cricket… it’s not fair. Stemming from the history as a gentleman’s game?

playing cricket

And lessons in retrieving the cricket ball from a fetch-happy border collie.

playing cricket

Many more pictures on Flickr.

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  1. Looks like a much better camping experience than your last one! Glad the kids had a good time and I love Mairen’s monkey toes. I have the same toes and can even hold a pen and write with them. You’ll have to ask Mairen if she can do the same. 🙂

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