Bert’s reign over the marina

When I mentioned recently that our neighbor cat, Bert, considers the marina his domain- I wasn’t kidding. We had a hysterical event recently that illustrates it perfectly.

Witness Bert, hanging out in one of his favorite places: the middle of the dock.

the standoff

See that little orange fluff waaayyyyy down towards the other end of the dock? That’s Whistler, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (yep that’s a breed) that belongs to marina neighbors.

Note that Bert is not even bothering to look at him. Such a cat.

He’s scared of Bert. He will NOT pass him on the dock. He did get closer, but they remained in a standoff here for about five minutes.

the standoff

Eventually, Whistler turned around and went back to his boat… Bert’s dominance unquestioned.

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