Aussieisms: the queue

The orderliness of queuing for public transportation in Sydney almost equally charming and puzzling. I cannot imagine this happening in… SO many places, I get a giggle out of it pretty much every time. Even the little bus stops with 3 people waiting in our residential corner of Sydney, people line up. It’s sweet, but is it really necessary? Is it mindless habit or genuine courtesy?

they line up

Here, in the dark, in the rain… is a long line that stretches behind the sheltered bus stop. I’m usually the person without an ‘brolly who dives for the shelter.

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  1. Same here in Canada. We may not stand in line so stringently, but we pay attention to first come, first serve and right of way passengers (elders, strollers). When we see the bus coming everybody lines up, paying attention to the ‘right order’ of things.

    And this is my first comment, love your blog, I’m slowly making my way thru! Cheers!

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