Special Delivery

The combination of traveling in places of scarcity, being frugal, or simply not having any options (very few stores in the coastal Baja desert) means we often just go without.

On one hand, we have grown accustomed to doing without something we ‘need.’ Very rarely is it a true need anyway- it’s a desire, a want, a convenience. But on the other… wow, there is nothing as sweet as the delivery of something that isn’t feasible to get locally! Lately, that delivery has come in the best packages.
Alison is one of our fellow travelers.  We met her (and Allan) in Mexico; Totem and FlyAweigh shared a few anchorages. We bonded hanging out in New Caledonia waiting on a weather window for the passage to Australia while ducking the herd group think on when to go. She flies the really big busses in the sky for United Airlines, and recently has been doing the LAX-SYD run. Lucky us! We are soaking in the time with our cruising buddy when she is here… trading stories and remembering how much we love being “out there”. Trading notes on the challenges of re-entry and how you sometimes feel so much like an outsider from the norm. And o, has she brought some excellent goodies with her! 
Alison has been our boat parts angel. Most recently, she’s been bringing in new HF radio bits (we have given up and won’t fix the Furuno again. Besides, they are interfering unnecessarily to hamper Sea Shepherd‘s efforts to stop illegal whaling activity. Losers! I don’t want to give them our business). Meanwhile, we can’t get the radio we want in Australia- it’s not sold here. The closest thing to it has reduced functionality and costs considerably more. Enter: the pilot courier! With components coming in over a couple of trips (trying to keep our customs duty costs down) we now have a functional system on board.

I don’t know how I missed getting a picture of the awesome super engineered packing job (with integrated handle) that Alan did… but this is sweet. A little girl time. Mairen doesn’t snuggle up to just anybody, but really loved sitting for Alison to brush out her hair.

hairbrush from Alison
Mairen hates having her hair brushed. Hates it. But she didn’t want to get up from Alison’s lap…

Michael is also a pilot- he flies private jets. Everybody close your eyes for a sec and hope that his corporate bosses need a few more return trips to Australia, okay?

He and Judy are another branch of the extended cruising family… they live on Milagro in Alameda, and we met them during the month-plus we spent at Gate 11. That was more than three years ago… how cool was it to have them check in and offer to bring goodies? I think this is cruising spirit at some of it’s finest!

Special Delivery!
The girls looking a crafts projects… Michael sampling our homebrew.

The kids had special treatment- crafts and an excellent book. Thanks to Michael, I am now running again (my tried-and-true trainers are more than 2x the US cost in Oz. I couldn’t stomach it)… and we are eating some sweeeeeeet chocolate chip cookies. We knew we missed those, but didn’t realize HOW much until the first batch started filling the cabin with good smells.

Good thing I have those shoes to run off the extra calories.

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