Returning from a hiatus: The Happy Factor

Life had extra complications for a bit, and the blog was ignored. Changes are happening and new rhythm is starting to thrum. What Jamie calls The Happy Factor is back. What’s up?

We’re moving (well, sailing) north to from Sydney to Brisbane. Yay! Boat on the move! 

I’m starting a new job. Still a nomad, just postponed a bit longer.

Yoga rocked my world. Again. Amazing how a simple commitment to daily practice can help with a  positive perspective.

And with (or because of) the confluence of all these things, the Happy Factor returned. You’ve GOT to have it with you, or  make a change- life is just way too short to settle.

Goodness, and a backstory, comes. Stay tuned.

Out for a paddle with my girls
Out for a paddle with my girls, sneaking up on a pelican.

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  1. Hey, Sailors!
    Glad to hear you have wind in your sails again. We are preparing for the Caribbean 1500 Rally from Virgina to Tortola, BVI, leaving on Nov. 7, 2011. I can’t wait to get back on the water again. Trillium has been on the hard all summer receiving new paint and all new electronics. Going to the Annapolis Boat Show next weekend and start my provisioning.
    I am looking forward to more blogs from you.

    Fair Winds,
    Skipperette Sherry
    S/V Trillium

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