Community garden counterpoint

Here’s another reason I’m so grateful for our commuity garden.The organic produce available in our area looks like this:

this is "organic" in Sydney

Hello, masses of unnecessary plastic packaging. You too, shrink-wrapped food. Not too pleased to see you, styrofoam trays. Whoa, $6.50 for a l’il bunch of green beans? or TWO heads of garlic? For friends at home, Aussie and US currency is about 1:1. Food here is more expensive, but those prices are almost criminal.

Yeah. Not so appealing. There are some CSAs, but they don’t deliver- not really an option for us carless folks. There are a few delivery services for organic food, so we gave that a try. Here’s what a $60 box (plus  $8.50 delivery) of mixed fruit/veggies looks like:

Organic delivery box
One ear of corn? One bitty avocado? ugh.  Taste was not up to standard.

The costs are crazy. I don’t mind paying more- quite a bit more!- for organic- but on a per-kilogram basis, I benchmarked the delivery services at three times the cost of the grocery store. That’s too rich for us.

So yes- thank goodness we have the garden! Check out this cauliflower. It is BIGGER THAN HIS HEAD. Oh, it was tasty…
bigger than his head!