Belonging to a cat

Meet Bert.

Meet Bert.

Bert (short for Bert Sugar Ray Reynolds) patrolls the docks here at the Cammeray Marina. His home is the boat next door to us, but Bert has claimed us as his own. He’s especially fond of the children.

I’m pretty sure he considers the dock to be his domain.

He does, in fact, own the dock
He defies you to go around him.

For a cat, he has his very sociable moments. He’ll run alongside, on the deck of “his” boat, when you walk down the finger. He’ll come up to the bow to intercept passers by.

Cathi and Bert
Really, it’s too cute

In the morning, he comes an peeks in our hatches (peeping tom?). He loves to get rain from them, dragging his paw through the collected dew, then licking it.

He loves the hatches
Mostly, it just looks really funny to have him up there

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  1. He’s probably so presumptuous because he lives his life with a bull’s-eye target on his side! Figger’s he’s gotta make the most of it… 😉 (loving your blog- read it every week- we cast off our lines in January and head your way. WHEEE!

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