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Belonging to a cat

Meet Bert. Bert (short for Bert Sugar Ray Reynolds) patrolls the docks here at the Cammeray Marina. His home is the boat next door to us, but Bert has claimed us as his own. He’s especially fond of the children. I’m pretty sure he considers the dock to be his domain. He defies you to go […]


The saga of the marina geese

When we arrived last spring, there were two resident geese in the marina- the children named them Peter and Paul. I couldn’t tell them apart, but they knew exactly which was which. The office manager told us they’d been living around the marina for at least two decades- the shipyard crew feed them, and they […]


Community garden counterpoint

Here’s another reason I’m so grateful for our commuity garden.The organic produce available in our area looks like this: Hello, masses of unnecessary plastic packaging. You too, shrink-wrapped food. Not too pleased to see you, styrofoam trays. Whoa, $6.50 for a l’il bunch of green beans? or TWO heads of garlic? For friends at home, […]


Sailors and tattoos

Tattoos and sailors have gone together since explorers ships first encountered highly decorated residents of Pacific islands in the late 1700s, and brought the designs back home with them: marks of their journey and exotic encounters. the Marquesas are recognized as being among the oldest homes of this tradition. Traditionally, they were a mark of […]


Vegetable porn

There was plenty of fruit in the Marquesas, but precious few fresh veggies beyond long-storage varieties. If you wanted, you could pay $12 for a plastic-sealed bag of rapidly ageing lettuce in the Tuamotus. Through most of the islands, familiar fresh veggies were scarce. It was fun to work out things to do with the omnipresent starchy […]


Marina living: finding our tribe

The garden has been a great source of local community for us, but the tightest community we find is always with fellow boaters. Last summer, the children had great company from the three girls living on the boat next door. We originally met the family on Tangaroa in French Polynesia. They got to Australia well […]


Feed the body, feed the soul

Something I’ve missed about living on land is having a garden. Oh, sure, you can put pots on the deck for boat style patio gardening- but that’s highly impractical while cruising. Aside from the harsh environment (salt spray is foe to the hardiest!), quarantine in most countries generally won’t welcome live plants. Thanks to a […]


The biggest lure in a hotel room

The best part of Alison’s visits are the time to hang out and catch up. She was on Totem this week, which I am really sorry to have missed (new job = some travel). We often end up ordering food and just gabbing away in her hotel… we’ve had some take-out pizza or sushi fests […]


Special Delivery

The combination of traveling in places of scarcity, being frugal, or simply not having any options (very few stores in the coastal Baja desert) means we often just go without. On one hand, we have grown accustomed to doing without something we ‘need.’ Very rarely is it a true need anyway- it’s a desire, a […]


Returning from a hiatus: The Happy Factor

Life had extra complications for a bit, and the blog was ignored. Changes are happening and new rhythm is starting to thrum. What Jamie calls The Happy Factor is back. What’s up? We’re moving (well, sailing) north to from Sydney to Brisbane. Yay! Boat on the move!  I’m starting a new job. Still a nomad, just postponed […]

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