American Dream movie trailers, and an invitation to discuss

Back in November I shared information and a link to the movie that our family has a bit part in: American Dream. The story of our family’s journey to find a different path for our lives is woven with that of others: all questioning the “American dream” and finding their own way to redefine it.

Joel, the film’s director, recently set up a Facebook page that has easier to access links for a few trailers (yeah guys… sorry about those massive downloads. I never was able to see them myself! these will load much better).

Take a look, and let Joel know what you think on the FB page- he’s reading and listening. Enter the discussion: what do YOU think of the American dream? What does a new dream look like?

interview on the boat

filming back in 2008, below deck in the relatively unfinished Totem

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  1. WOW movie stars…I know movie stars!!! Great job and glad you shared your experience with all the unfortunate souls who are not out here actually living the dream. If I get to a better internet connection I will look at the trailers..

  2. This is very inspiring, thank you for the follow-up post, I missed the first. I watched the trailer and the 16 minute film. Both illustrate the theme very well, but neither even hints that the movie will depict how your family and others removed themselves from the “dream” and took a radically different path. I hope that those stories are developed and included in the final cut. I may follow your lead and blog about this too. Thank you.

  3. We watched the 16 minutes awhile back. I will definitely see the whole thing when it’s available. I so agree with what you five are doing with your lives. I too, have never wanted what I would consider the “average American” has wanted… My ex-assistant at 20 years old had to have a BMW and a $200 “Coach” purse, but could not afford to put gas in the car or food in her home. Buy, buy, buy. Consume. Ugh. Even as a teenager I got this… the Jackson Browne song “The Pretender” made sense to me at an early age. Love living on the boat, love my out of the norm life, but wish we were out of the USA… Again, good for you!

  4. Behan
    We found your blog and have fond memories of the Fravels from our time in Taiwan in the late 80’s.
    Please pass on our best wishes to your folks – we would like to meet up sometime. We traveled to dozens of countries after Taiwan (lived in a number too), so we too have never stopped roaming.
    Andy & Anne Flanders

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