Oso and IO, our comrades divine

As my good friends know, I like writing bad poetry to mark occasions (birthdays are a favorite). The was shared over a bowl of kava with our good friends from the M/V Oso Blanco and S/V IO, on the last evening we spent together in Fiji. We parted ways the next day: Oso remaining in Fiji before heading to New Zealand, as we headed west for Vanuatu and then Australia at season’s end.
As we take off for Australia and point to a different port than our good friends on IO, it seems worth sharing. Just remember, by definition, it’s *bad* poetry…
Tosio raft up
Oso and IO our comrades divine,
We know that our happiness is also thine.
Those who call parting “sweet sorrow” don’t know
the circles of life in which we cruisers flow.
We know there’s a time and a place and a boat;
we just have to wait and we’ll all be afloat,
in some quiet atoll or islet or bay,
sharing a sunset, rehashing the day.
So when you hear ‘gayjoe’ or ‘rummy’ or hey!!
You’ll know fellow travelers are coming to play.
rafted together in Fiji
Tosio raft up
playing cards on Oso. Again!
What a surprise... we're playing cards!

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