Land ho!

At four days and 21 hours, Jamie sighted the coast of Australia. Poetically enough, it rose from pink clouds at sunrise. I was off watch sleeping (and happy to stay that way), but he woke Niall up for a bleary first look at our destination.
landfall: the coastline emerges at sunrise
Australia emerges from the pink morning haze

Later that morning, as the shore came into focus, we all sat giddily in the cockpit. It’s hard to describe the excitement of the moment, but it all feels right. I’m grateful for the safe completion of another major passage, and ready to rest.

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  1. Glad to know you arrived safely at your next destination! Enjoy and Happy (early) Thanksgiving from Michigan!

  2. Jeromy, T.F. not only still visits, but deals in local currencies! It’s astounding! There have been a lot of lost teeth the last few months, so the crew is understandably relieved.

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