Halloween in New Caledonia

Be afraid!

Amazing what you can do with sunscreen and green food coloring.

We keep finding more silver linings to our present situation: waiting in New Caledonia for a good window for our passage to Australia. Sure, it’s frustrating- we expected to be there by now, settling into a “home” marina in Cammeray… checking out the nieghborhood… learning about new surroundings. I chafe a little more every day that we sit here.

The kids, on the other hand, are thrilled. Halloween would have been lost in the shuffle of a passage if we’d left on our expected timeline. Instead, they celebrated with friends. There were costumes both cute and ghoulish, and a passel of other cruising kids to scare up treats from around the anchorage.

Creepy characters
The junior crews of Totem, Merlin, and Victoria

We wondered how many people would be prepared for our dinghy full of trick or treaters. Surprisingly, quite a lot! I think quite a few boaters weren’t expecting to give out candy, but scrounged up treats for the kids anyway.
trick or treating!
Greg (s/v Merlin) takes the children from boat to boat

We hung out with other parents back on Merlin, and whey they returned, they had more than just successfully filled goodie bags. They found MORE children to join them! Everyone under the age of 13 piled into the main cabin to trade candy, and watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” Here we are, thousands of miles from home, but the fundamental goodness for the kids in celebrating a holiday are preserved.
I think we’ll let the weather angst slide.

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