Getting to know Australia

the coast channels Oregon
Same same but different
At first blush, Australia is so superficially similar to North America- the differences sometime catch you by surprise. It’s like there’s a little unexpected twist to everyday things.
The coastline at our landfall, Coffs Harbour, for example- looked so much like the Oregon coast. Evergreen trees, rolling surf crashing onshore, little islets just offshore… but look more closely, and it’s all done in tropical shades. Those conifers are actually Norfolk pines, which aren’t actually pines and would not survive in PNW temperatures. The noisy birds overhead that looked like crows when silhouetted? Some kind of parrot, when their emerald feathers are seen in the sunlight.
This is going to be fun.

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  1. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Did you know I retired from First Years? Been busy helping my in-laws move and being the caretaker of a best friend who moved into our basement apt. How long do you plan to be in Australia? Daughter Sonnie wants to go there or New Zeland next fall for a few months.

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